Frank-Will | Works on Paper
October 1-30, 2003

Other works by Frank-Will are available - please contact Galerie Rienzo

Selected works from the exhibition
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About Frank-Will
(French, 1900-1951)

The son of the renowned American inpressionist, Frank Boggs (1855-1926.) He studied with his father, amd like him specialized in views of Paris and French countryside. Frank-Will was close to the Paris scene French painters in Montmartre, Lucien Genin, Gen Paul and Marcel Leprin.

Other worksby are available - please contact Galerie Rienzo

Frank-Will: Moulin Rouge, Paris - Watercolor
Moulin Rouge - Paris
Watercolor on paper
16 x 21 inches
Frank-Will: Saint Mamès, 1945 - Watercolor
Saint Mamès, 1945
Watercolor on paper
17 x 21 inches
Frank-Will: L'Arc de Triomphe, Paris - Watercolor
L'Arc de Triomphe - Paris
Watercolor on paper
Paper size: 8.5 x 11.5 inches
Size framed: 16 x 19 inches